Of course the future is green!

Of course the future is green!

What else could it be?

Humans have lived on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years and nature has sustained them. But over the last millenium the children of the Earth have become increasingly greedy. The industrial revolution brought lots of stuff and a dependency on energy, lots of energy.

This abundance of energy was accumulated carefully in the crust of the Earth for millions of years. In a mere 200 years humans will have burned close to all the accessible oil and in the process have created irreversible destruction.

And so the future will be green again. But from now and through the transition from oil dependency until society again reaches energy sustainability is a long arduous struggle – or maybe a releasing and joyful process!

Techno-optimist or eco-pessimist? Is there an alternative?

Permaculture ethics, principles and practicals seem to have answered a lot of difficult questions. Transition Towns have provided another step in a desired direction – if you can live with your own garbage (there’s no way to avoid it in the end, really). No-growth economy, localisation of decision-making and no-dig agricultural systems are key features in my preferred future to come. Radical as it may be, I believe we will be happier humans in a paradigm that emphasises natural and equity values over greed.

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